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Francesco Corea
8 min readMay 10, 2020


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Full Tech Stack here!

I. Setting the stage

As everything these days seems to move online, it may be a good moment also for investors to sit back and re-evaluate the ways they run their businesses.

When I started this mapping (and yes, it was way before the lockdown), my main goal was to simply understand what was the current landscape of tools that investors could leverage and how to choose the best ones that could fit specific needs and structures.

I was also a bit skeptical and, let’s say that, a bit fed up with the overused adoption pattern of “everyone else is using it”, and I had to look with my own eyes to the different possibilities.

So I have started navigating the ecosystem, testing several different things, going through countless demo calls, all with the final aim to be able to reach a more thoughtful decision when looking at a piece of software and be able to optimize a VC stack at a glance.

I do not have all the answers, and sometimes I fall short of my own advice, but maybe my efforts could help someone else on the same journey.

II. The VC Tech Stack

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In mapping exercises, there are several ways to get to a satisfactory solution: you could run a survey and ask people what they use; you can focus only on the upper quartile and consider the most reputable tools; you can identify specific requirements or traits to pre-filter your potential candidates; or you can use brute-force, which is kind of what I did.

I have tested many but not all the platforms on the map, so do your own due diligence and see those things by yourself. Moreover, to be clear, this is not a ranking of any type, because it became super obvious to me that we are always optimizing under constraints. A solution…



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