Data Scientists Personality Test

Understanding what type of data scientist you are

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Data Scientist Matrix. See for details here.
  1. In your team, people count on you for your:
    Troubleshooting ability
    b. Organizational skills
    c. Capacity to reduce the problem complexity
    d. Strategic approach and conceptualization of the problem
  2. When facing a new data challenge, your first thought is:
    Is what I am doing impactful and relevant?
    b. When do I have to deliver some results?
    c. How can this challenge make me a better scientist?
    d. What can I learn from this dataset?
  3. In a data analysis, which is the most important thing to you?
    Results, no matter how you do achieve them, what strategy or technology you do employ
    b. To achieve a result in the correct way and with the right process or technology
    c. Attaining significant results in an ethical manner
    d. Reaching the outcomes through an accurate, replicable, and efficient procedure
  4. If you have finished your required daily work, you would:
    Focus again on your analysis and try to find an alternative and innovative way to achieve your final goal
    b. Start with something else, even if this may involve staying longer at your desk
    c. Help a colleague in difficulty with his analysis
    d. Give suggestions and highlight weaknesses in your colleagues’ works for the sake of the team and of the business development
  5. If you would have some spare time during your work, you would prefer to:
    Optimize existing technology for the whole company
    f. Improve your analysis
    g. Try to derive new insights from your previous analysis
    h. Understanding how to maximize the value of your analysis
  6. It is your ‘data-dream’ of:
    Speaking about data with only engineers and IT teams
    f. Teaching data related contents
    g. Engaging with people who do not know anything about data science
    h. Persuading and convincing the business team of the opportunities generated by big data
  7. You prefer to work with:
    Huge amount of structured data
    Any kind of data that challenge me
    Behavioral or social media data, or any unusual data
    h. No data in particular
  8. If you would quit tomorrow your data science job, you would prefer to become:
    An IT manager or a software engineer
    f. A professor
    g. A consultant
    h. An entrepreneur
  9. What characteristic of big data you value the most?
    f. Velocity
    g. Variety
    h. Value
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Personality Matrix Results

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Research Lead @Balderton. Formerly @Anthemis @UCLA. All opinions are my own.

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