Big Data Strategy (Part III): is your company data-driven?

Food for Organizational Thoughts

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  • Deciding what data have to be gathered and from which department;
  • Helping with the talents recruitment;
  • Planning the insights generation phase and stating the privacy, compliance, and ethics policies.
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Data analytics organizational models

“I am investing a ton of money in something that can — but also cannot with a good probability — have a return in five years time”.

  • Absence of scalability, or project not correctly sized;
  • Absence of C-level or high management sponsorship;
  • Excessive costs and time, especially when people with wrong skill sets are selected (which is more common than you think);
  • Incorrect management of expectations and metrics;
  • Internal barriers (e.g., data silos, poor inter-team communication, infrastructure problems, etc.);
  • Think the work as a one time project rather than a continuous learning;
  • Data governance, privacy and protection.

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Research Lead @Balderton. Formerly @Anthemis @UCLA. All opinions are my own.

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